Enlargement of the Cancer Radiotreatment Area, creating a new bunker for a High-energy Linear accelerator.
Servicio de salud de Castilla y León (SACYL)

In the year 2007 we carried out the refurbishing of a Cobalt bunker to install a new High-energy Linear accelerator in the University Hospital Clinic in Valladolid. We took care of the Bio-illumination and the colours of the room (Psychology of colours).

Hospital Valladolid: The origen


Years after having carried out the enlargement of the radio oncology area of the hospital, we went back to investigate the way the patients felt about the bunker and the sensations that the colour and light created in them. About the sensation in the bunker during the treatment _ “In the orange one?” (She asked, because there was another bunker next door, completely white also for the treatment).

“It’s not frightening, you feel like you are going to be cured”.

Patient Orange Treatment room