Óscar Jiménez Salvador

Architectural experience should create conditions conducive to life-development

Architect senior designer / Specialist in architecture, interior and sustainable design/ Specialist in Structures and sustainable installations.

Expert in Healthcare Architecture / Specialist in Biomimicry / Senior Project Manager.



Oscar Jiménez Salvador is Master of Architecture from the Escuela Técnica superior de Arquitectura, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (1993-2000 Master Science). Scholarship from the Politechnic University of Madrid at Technische Universiteit, Eindhoven (NL) in Construction and Technology.

His formation was completed with Master in Architecture Restoration from the Department of Architecture, Construction and Development in the Politechnic University of Madrid, and also he has continued his formation in Biomimicry in Spain, Britain and United States.

An Expert in Biomimicry and Design Thinking, Structural and sustainable installations and calculations.

Teaching experience and Awards

Since 2008 Teacher at Universidad Escuela Superior de Diseño de Madrid  in the Scientific-Technician and Project Designs department. Teaching  Project Development and Interaction, Basics of Design, Design of containers and wrappings, Bionic and proportion, Product Design Viability, Scientific Basics of Design, Ecodesign. Restorarion and Rehabilitation of buildings  and installations I and II.

Formar Teacher at Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM) in Master in Real Estate Management and Business Administration and FM.

Professor in the Master for Design and Retail areas in Escuela Superior de Diseño de Madrid.

First Prize for the best Communication at National Congress AEIH (Asociación Española de Ingeniería Hospitalaria – Spanish Association of Hospitalisation Engineering) for “Nanotechture”, Architecture for emotions. October 2013.

Architect specialist in Healing environments, invited to asses by the Consejería de Sanidad de la Comunidad de Madrid (Madrid Community Healthcare Central Services) to assist in laying out the plan of Humanization in Healthcare attention areas. (Plan de Humanización de la Comunidad de Madrid 2016-2019)


Professional life started participating in a range of architectural studies for architecture and interior design as a collaborator in buildings, rehabilitation, Urban and interior design.

In addition, he has in depth experience in Structural Calculations in collaboration with other Studies of Architecture and Engineering.

He collaborated with the Official School of Architecture in Castilla la Mancha.

In October 2006 after having worked with Paula Gómez Vela for some time we created the Architectural Company “Vela & Salvador Arquitectos”.

Recent Speeches

Ravensbourne; Woodbury University. The Mediated City Conference. Architecture_MPS. “Biomimicry and City Design”. London 3rd April, 2014

Escuela Superior de Diseño de Madrid (Superior Madrid Design School ). “Dialogue architecture and Health” (Coordinator). April 2016

Congress AEIH (Asociación Española de Ingeniería Hospitalaria- Spanish Association of Hospitalisation Engineering) “Nanotechture II: Healing Environments” Alicante 2016