Wellness body and mind

We design spaces that help to promote balance and harmony of the body and mind.

Spaces to help develop personal qualities.

V&S we help to improve spaces which assist:

• physical,
• mental,
• emotional,
• spiritual
• and social
qualities for students and teachers.

  • Humanization spaces: Interior design and Decoration projects, using Psychology of Space and colour.
  • Energy saving measures to improve the sustainability. Using Intelligent Ecology criteria.
  • PROJECTS FOR HEALTH CARE (See Health Care projects)
    Yoga and Pilates Schools and rooms.
  • Sport Centers SPA “Salutem per aquam” (Health Using water).
  • Humanazing Schools and High Schools: Project “Respect and Freedom”
  • CONSULTING: To improve space and to create places that help to teach and learn and establish values of respect and freedom.
  • WORKSHOP : “Cuidar a Earth” (Cherishing Our Earth)

We apply colour psychology to create space that cares for the emotions of students and teachers.