Body and Mind: Let´s Learn Let´s play

You just learn what you love

Francisco Mora, Neurocientífico

Inspired by “Cherish our Earth” Educational Programme, and on Multiple Inteligences Gardner´s concept, we make use of:

  • Colours psicology
  • Bioilumination
  • Smart Ecology

To create a space specially conciebed to take emotional care of kids (pupils) and adults (game monitors and teachers) and help to create Respectful and Freedom feelings to empower the learning process

Our spaces cherish the kids, at the same time than the Planet.

We share our dreams with some magnificent partners as Froggies or RTC (Reinvent the classroom).

“We conciebe spaces for kids to learn while enjoying, living the values of the respect for the other and the planet while they develop their creativity”

How can Vela & Salvador give you support to your strategy?


Branding & Claming: Creating or contributing to the concept of your school or playground space.

Design: Adapting the concept to the available space by means of Biolumination and Smart Ecology:

  • Conceptualization (Anteproyecto);
  • Schematic Design (Proyecto Básico);
  • Detailed Design (Proyecto de Ejecución);
  • Interior Design.

During the construction of the space:

  • Project Management
  • Execution Supervision (Dirección Facultativa).
  • FF&E Management (Fittings, Furniture & Equipment) on site.

We would be delighted to listen to your plans in an introductory meeting, where we can also give you further details on our services and experience.